white cocktail dresses

A Beautiful Woman and her Island Vacation (10)

"Imagine a beautiful woman wearing a low back white cocktail dress as she poses for one reason or another with enticing pose looking at a man in front of her, what do you see with your eyes? I see a beautiful woman wearing a white cocktail dress poses herself wonderfully alluring as a man is gazing at her with lust underneath the shades of his sunglasses. It is this couple again on this fourth day of romance in the resort for their first wedding anniversary. And it was only in the morning that they had a little quarrel again. It was because the man went to the restroom, but somehow he also went to his room looking for his sunglasses as he wanted to wear it for the bird watching tour. For whatever reason, the pair of sunglasses eluded him, and he could not remember where he had put it. When he found it and walked back to the front of the bus, his wife stared at him as if he had done something seriously wrong. Fortunately, the bus was still waiting for other people for the tour. The little sunglasses incidence did not entail into a bigger argument. And to her husband surprise and to the woman too, it was a fun, informational and entertaining tour as the tour guide was so informative and energetic, they ended up gave him a good tip. In the middle of the tour, the bus stopped at a local pub for the people to get down to get a bite and drink. While sitting at the table, the woman asked her husband what to do for the next day as they still had two full days left in the resort before flying home the third morning. Her husband suggested going fishing by the chartered boat out to the deeper part of the ocean. But the woman did not quite like it as she thought it would rough out in the ocean with those relatively small boats and also she thought it would be too much work to go fishing. Then the woman suggested taking the jeep ride to go to the highest point of the island for viewing as she knew up there were an observatory tower and a restaurant. Her husband thought that was a possibility but wanted to think about it when the morning came as he did not think the jeep rides would be full. And then when the bus returned to the resort they went back to the resort suite to take a shower and then rest. When it is dinner time, they both agree to a seafood dinner at the resort famous seafood restaurant. As they walk to the restaurant, the woman strikes a very enticing and alluring pose in front of a palm fan with her husband gazes at her. And then her husband says, "When after dinner, we will have a little wine under the palm tree facing the ocean talking about what to do tomorrow, and then we will go back to the suite and have some sweets for the night!" ... And that's what I see in that woman's dress!: - white cocktail dresses
Phillip Lo