what wedding items to wear for mature brides over 50/60

It's real, it happens and what is beyond me is lack of understanding from society of 'WHY' depressed and suicidal people do it. Like they are tired of the endless battle in their mind. How about that? It's giving up and yes no one should give up but maybe think about the darkness and hatred that person might feel of themselves... why should you have to live with hatred for yourself when all it does is grow every day to the breaking point where you loath yourself and how you react or live your life. Maybe it's so easy to choose options and opportunities but maybe that person might have no option, people say there's choices and options but depression can be crippling and limit your choices because you barely sleep and are prone to fainting due to exhaustion, you might have body pains but your doctor has no idea what to do because you're already on pills for anxiety/depression/bipolar or/and any other mental health. You can't get out of bed because you're burnt by the harsh roaring flames of society. You might have a really good income or an average income or a low income, nonetheless it still affects anyone. Money, home, job, it's luxury but having an mental Illness certainly isn't. Sure having wonderful things do add happiness but it doesn't erase years of emotional and mental torment. what wedding items to wear for mature brides over 50/60
But has to be said because too many don't understand.