what to wear for the sister of groom

Friendly enemies

Episode 6b

Samantha: “Don’t tell me to calm down. It is almost 09:20 and my groom is nowhere to be found. Who knows if any harm has befallen him? Instead of him to be here waiting for me, I am the one waiting for him and you tell me to calm down?” Eno: “It is okay, don’t draw attention to us by creating a scene”. At the pulpit, the ministers were already getting tired of waiting for the groom to arrive so they can commence the marriage rites proper. At the congregation, family and friends were already getting worried and were whispering to one another. Some were already hissing and walking out of the Church auditorium while others especially the women were reigning curses on the groom for keeping them waiting. Woman 1: “My sister, I never see that kind thing before o. How wife go wear wedding gown, do make up, come dey wait for husband inside Church for more than one hour?” Woman 2: “My sister, you dey mind the men of nowadays? Maybe the guy drink yesterday come forget say today na im wedding. In fact, e fit be say him dey on top another woman as we dey here dey talk so”. Woman 1: “Mbanu. That one no possible. Hope say no be trick him trick this girl just to disgrace her o”. Woman 2: “I tire o, maybe them force am to marry this girl or maybe him don see the person wey fine pass her. Any which way, we go see as the thing go end today”. Woman 1: “Na so o, my sister. I sit down here gidigba. I no dey go anywhere until I see the end of this matter. If I hungry, I go buy biscuit and pure water drink come back until I see the end of the story”. Woman 2: “Ha, mama Abimbola, I trust you na, you too like amebo” Samantha got a phone and tried to call Dozie all to no avail. She was contemplating on what to do when a commotion outside forced her to turn back. Samantha: “What!” what to wear for the sister of groom

Question: What did Samantha see behind her? Where is Dozie? Has Eno and her mother succeeded in preventing the wedding?

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