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There is a light in the darkness!
Everyday I thank my father more and more for something so small but something so big! When I was pregnant with Ashton before we found out I was carrying a tiny person inside I was in the dark spot without any light not a person seen it... not even my “friends” not even family they seen a
I smiled laughed and seemed joyful but everyday I escaped life to a world of hate and depression I choice drugs and prayed to leave the world still and cold as it has done me wrong...I never thought of help or recovery! I felt like a trash can filled with trash and always in the way never to be emptied or cleaned

As I lost my best friend and in tangled with a monster lost to a group of people that truly never seen the marks...
I became a human of self destruction and the only two people who seen my cry was the ones I hurt the most...
Dad I’m sorry I hurt you as I battled my own issue mom I’m sorry we lost a bond so strong...
I’m sorry to my nephews for watching me become a monster myself I choice a life style I thought would solve my problem but instead I hurt the ones that love me most
ASHTON if I had a clue I would have changed faster but I didn’t...

As you went to freshmen homecoming put on your dress and make up and high heels I removed all my clothes put on a hospital gown slide under the covers of a room made like heaven and sat as time seemed to go still
Doctors nurses therapists in and out of the room asking me what I wanted I answered none of them the woman at the desk outside my room “honey are you hungry” no answer my voice gone I wasn’t answering the world as they seemed to be my issue... early that morning they told me I’ll be hospitalized and get help I needed.. my voice found its light and laughed said I had no issue just one friend his name is death he will love me forever and allow me to see my grandmother tight homecoming dresses
The unlocked the bed and transferred me... out of school for a week and a half
My first phone call home was anger and betrayal I wasn’t happy I blamed it all on my dad and that I was wrong my issue was my self I’ve became a monster and definitely become a person I promised Myself I wouldn’t become

At the hospital I realized that everyone in that jail had there own battle and mine was myself
Can’t have these
Don’t do this
It was like jail for the mental ill
My first visit with just my dad was horrible as it came to an end and he walked away I remembered feeling myself and holding tight onto the light and asking for help because i realized all I have done
At that moment I admitted I had an issue within myself to handle no medicine no person no doctor no human could fix my issue

I got out of the hospital I returned to school and the hardest thing to answer people was are you ok? Where did you go! Had a nice vocation huh...
I don’t think anybody knew besides three or four people and I wish they didn’t know


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Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow
Featuring Kevin Hines Story

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