teenage bridesmaid dresses

These pictures are exactly a year apart. A year ago, my sister had her bridal shower. I decided to try on my bridesmaid dress and could not zip it all the way up. After a good cry, I made the decision to change my habits. There’s only a 30 lb difference between these photos, but I can tell a huge difference. I’m much more confident, I can dance longer without tapping out, and the most important thing: my mental health. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve struggled with my family constantly making comments and asking me about it when all it did was cause me to spiral into a depression I could never pull myself out of. I kept myself isolated for most of my childhood and teenage years out of fear of being trapped in the conversations of how overweight I was as a kid. Everyday is a challenge. I don’t make the best choices with my food all the time, but I seriously bust my ass at the gym and dance as much as possible at dances. I still have a ways to go to hit my ultimate goal, but I’m halfway there and I’m proud of myself teenage bridesmaid dresses # selflove

If you’re on a weight loss journey, post pictures of your progress! It’s okay to be proud of what you’ve accomplished ?