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Keeping Your Marriage Together

When marriage vows are exchanged, it is a commitment to stay together for life.

It is hard to maintain a marriage if one or both partners are not fully in it. Marriage however involves more than just two people. That is why keeping a marriage together is so vital.

Here are some reasons that should motivate you to stay in your marriage.

(i) Honor; People that are married and have wedding rings on receive a lot of respect from their peers and other people in the community. Many hold your loyalty to your partner in high regard.

(ii) Consider your children; with marriage comes starting a family. If things don't work out between you and your partner, your children are the most affected. They may be too young to understand what's happening but they will feel the sense of being lost and void most especially if the parents decide to put their own feelings first. simple short wedding dresses

(iii) Minimize health risk; Being loyal to your partner keeps you grounded and prevents you from getting into risky sexual relationships with other people. This prevents problems related to sexual intercourse such as AIDS.

(iv) Satisfaction; you will ultimately have an easier and more content life when your partner sticks with you through it all. You know that your partner will always have your back and they will be there to see you through stressful situations and to offer advice and suggestions to help you better yourself.

Create Intimacy Rituals

Intimacy plays a great role in a marital relationship. Sexual relations and the feeling of love experienced during intimate moments between a couple create oneness and closeness. It is the responsibility of both partners to come up with intimacy rituals. Here are a few rituals you can look into.

(i) Remain good looking; Be a sight for sore eyes. Attract your partner's attention by your appearance. Change things up a bit every now and then. You could wear a new hair do or just dress out of ordinary. Wear a little make up even for something as simple as a coffee date with your husband.

(ii) Do recreational stuff together; this could be a short walk in the park together, cycling, hiking, jogging or going for a morning run together. By exercising, you can both maintain your physical and mental health as well as create a tighter bond as you join in each others daily routine.

(iii) Exchange romantic messages while at work; send a text or an email while at work just to say "I love you" or "I miss you". Better yet, call your partner up from work and say some beautiful words. With these positive gestures, you will touch your partner's heart and gain his/ her admiration.

(iv) Take turns rubbing each other's feet or massaging their back; after a hard day at work, nothing sounds better than a nice massage or foot rub. While doing this for your partner up, chit chat with your spouse about their day as you flirt.

(v) Snuggle with your partner when watching TV; You and your partner may choose to view different shows on tv but still try to understand what your partner is watching. Sit or cuddle with them. This will create a warm feeling between the two of you.

Engage In Good Fights Not Bad Ones

Bad fights can be triggered by anger. Bad fights can involve physical or verbal fights as well as silent fights where you ignore each other for some time to. These bad fights can easily destroy a marriage.

Dos and Do nots when fighting

(i) Do not point fingers
Avoid using the word "you" during fights. Instead, use words that show how you feel. Do not blame your partner for everything. Look at your own mistakes first before pointing a finger.

(ii) Pick your fights
Do not fight over petty issues. Don't fight just for the sake. This can hurt the marriage over time.Let your partner know what he/she is doing that annoys you or makes you unhappy and then find a solution together instead of keeping things bottled up.

(iii) Do not raise past issues
Always stay on point. Focus on the issue at hand. Raising past issues will only create tension between you and your partner. If it is in the past, forgive and keep it buried.

(iv) Be mindful of your tone, language and actions
Do not be quick to raise your voice to your partner. Avoid foul language and name calling as this will lower your partner's self esteem. If you must, walk away to prevent a nasty fight.

(v) Pick the right time to fight just
Do not bring up unpleasant issues when your partner is totally worn out from a hard day at work or when they are under pressure from work.

(vi) Be flexible to resolve fights
Assist young partner in things they feel they can't find in you. Always take lessons from your mistakes. As much as possible, never go to bed mad. Fix your issues before that so that the following day is not shadowed by ill feelings of the previous day.

Final Words To Couples

Staying married takes work. Love and care makes marriage easier. Being there for each other emotionally, physically and mentally. Support each other and help each other progress in life. When both of you are content, your marriage will be a blissful one.

May your days continue to flourish.