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I wish to contribute some of my opinions pertinent to the recent SONA of PRRD. But I wish to begin by saying that:

1. Dili ko Yellowtard. Im not a member of any fans club. I see issues not persons.
2. Wa ko naga pa hawd hawd og yes naa sad koy nahimo para sa atong nasud and in fact ubay2x sad. I simply want to share my thoughts to the national discourse.
3. Wa ko nangandoy nga ako na lang unta presidente. Being critical doesnt equate to political ambitions. In fact it is our duty to participate in discourses.
4. Dili puro na lang gyud dautan akong nakita because honestly there are things i appreciated in the SONA. I do not make a blanket judgment. and
5. That I remain to be a human rights advocate and I will die defending all our rights from any form of undue infringement even your right to call HR advocates many names, most of which ugly.

The Yays in the SONA:

I applaud the President in his sincerity to give environment a priority despite the non confirmation of the COA of Sec Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary. It is high time that the political will provide the infrastructure to prevent the worsening ecological terrorism brought about by mining in the country. I am one with PRRD in demanding accountability from mining companies to be resposible in doing their businesses. I fully agree that we cannot build genuine national development at the expense of our environment. Therefore, I support his call for a new mining law in the country, not to relax the restrictions but to provide stringent requirements to ensure environmental protection.

I also recommend further to the President that this pronouncement be supported by his act of confirmation of all the closure and suspension orders made by Sec Gina Lopez and at the same time issue an executive order setting a moratorium on new mining applications until congress is able to enact a new mining law.

I am also happy to hear the President call upon congress to finally enact the National Land Use Act. I believe this is long overdue. The NLUA is needed to finally settle most of the conflicts in communities resulting from confusing and overlapping multiple tenurial instruments. I hope Congress understands the imprtance and urgency of this legislation.

The proposed Department of Disaster Response and Risk Reduction is equally appreciated. A country beset with natural and human-made disasters almost regularly must have an agency whose focus is solely ensuring community resilience and preparedness.

Our brave assertion to reclaim the Balangiga Bells being a part of our history and heritage is a happy note. It may be trivial to some but to many who value historical justice, reclaiming it also means re-asserting our identity and nationhood.

Now the Nays in the SONA:

There is nothing I can do to the President's filthy mouth. That is already organic to him and the 16M who voted for him have already embraced that as part of his package as a President though quite many are still hopeful he makes a few changes.

But my heart was most devastated when he gave up on his promise of peace. Calling out the war against the CPP NPA disregarded the decades call of the communities especially the lumad to spare them from hostilities. In the words of Timuey Jimid Mansayagan, the lumads are dying from war not of their own making. An issue as sensitive as the peace process must not be based on impulses but on thorough and careful discernment. While I commiserate for those police convoy who were attacked allegedly by NPA, the President forgot that it happened after he publicly said, "stop the talks, let's go to war." In short he gave the license for the attacks and yet he cried foul when the enemies took his word for real. short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

His cancellation of the peace talks to me showed that his commitment to attain peace is not well founded. Had it been strong enough, he would not have given up too quickly. He himself said that the road to peace is not easy, but it is not impossible. Instead of creatively finding a better alternative, he resorted to an easy but dangerous conclusion - go to war. I am more convinced that PRRD re-energizes himself through his trash-talking and this is much cultivated in an environment of war than peace. Take all this with his intoxication with the spirit of martial law. be continued kay drive sa ko...