short curvy styled brides like to wear of the wedding

So actually right now I kind of feeling like I live in my own personal Zoo. Meet the newest member of our family Max, AKA maxi. What a week it's been like the dingbat I am I reinjured my sciatic nerve and have been an immense pain and had to go back on the Walker for a few days but I'm on the mend I need to be Mama comes home on Tuesday. But you the scumbag who went into my car and rifle through all of my stuff my glove box all my personal things in my car open the side gate to get into my yard I don't know possibly to check and see if doors were open meet Max I want to teach him that if you come back in my yard he's going to bite your head off. Needless to say it's been quite a challenge Chico moon is still a little insecure but trying to make friends with Max even with the growl poor Chewie and chance they are scared to death of Max he's bigger than they are and he's only 6 months old he's like the size of a pony and the good news is Tigger has held his ground Max only got close to Tigger once and the claws came out with the hissing sound and I think even though Max about 10 times bigger than Tigger he don't want to mess with him or her we don't know which one it is LOL short curvy styled brides like to wear of the wedding