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Gary John I feel like you wrote this song for me from Heaven. This was us from the moment we first met & felt an instant heart & soul connection at just nine years of age. You were my best friend. We were each other's shelter in the storms of life. We both protected & fiercely defended each other. God allowed us to reunite after 25 years & even then you told me to come stay with you because you would never let "Any Mother Fucker mess with your girl!" I never knew all the fights you got into over me with other boys who wanted to steal you from me or boys or girls for that matter that had hurt me. Nor would I let ANYONE hurt you. I feircly defended you. We dressed in our body armor every single day. We literally traveled the world & back fighting our way through the pain. We even had fun sparing ourselves because we we're both tough & feircly competitive. I showed you from hello that I could hang with you better & more longer than most of your boys could. We even fought as adults each thinking we were right & feircly defending our points until we made a pack to say Uncle but only at the same time. I loved you then. I loved you forever & always. Nothing has changed that even two years after your death. God warmed me for over s year that you were sick & I begged Him not to take you home to Heaven but shortly after you got off heroine & I was able to led you to Jesus because you knew I wasn't faking that shit. You knew better than ANYOME the pain I had gone through as a kid just as I knew the things that caused your heart pain. The funny thing was that as out there wild & crazy storytelling center of a tension life of the party people as we were known to be when we were together 24 hours a day we only communicated through our eyes are music are gestures and the very beats of a heart people would be shocked if they knew that chatty Cathy and chatty year he literally only spoke about kinder words to each other and a day if that I love them require words our friendship certainly didn't require words I don't need to put into words for others Who don't understand why am still grieving you today and while were always crave you apparently they have never had a piece of there so literally and figuratively ripped away from their body and buried right alongside their soulmate until they understand that they would never know what real grieve means when you lose your cellmate laugh out loud I actually just had to leave cellmate on here as we were buying cod I was trying to say soulmate but our favorite chair was Bonnie and Clyde that was always us back in the day and even as adults soulmate jail mate Fishbait edit matter because from the beginning you had me hooked line and sinker and I will always and forever love you Gary John until we meet again in heaven I pray that you hold our daughter Hannah Grace closely as you walk her and seeing her lullabies and teacher to play the guitar and of course the drums even though that's her mommy's best instrument to play I am now learning how to play the guitar only because Keith urban design mine and I told you he was the only man I would ever leave before you told me that Taylor Swift be the only girl you leave me for I'm excited about the guitar Keith came out with and it's 30 days and 30 lessons with Keith who what a hottie rocking that Bobby that that you didn't babe but man case you're can get mad hard to Pam and I know you're not dead jealous we whenever the jealous type we were always proud when both of us got checked out because we probably said sorry bro you can look but you can't touch he's mine or she's mine of course you would add in a little if you touch her tail I will be in jail when I break your jaw bone and turn around and stomp on all your moans it's definitely people in our family and friends of all who prayed for us as children the reason why we were allowed to reunite as adults he still played like children you made me remember the bad ass tomboy are used to be I love you for restoring that in me I thought you had to slow things down and had a focus your mind on things they were calm your mind down slow your roll down and help you to meditate I still can't believe you and I are atheist from the salve growing up in Sandston Virginia going to Fairfield middle school and later Holland Springs high school you were only for a brief moment before you like somebody out and got transferred to rhino but I stayed a springer proud and true black and yellow baby black and gold black and yellow just like the Pittsburgh steelers being our team are proud of the town we grew up in and the people who God used to help us do you heard us to teach us to break us to chain us to for yes the problem was we could barely free of the chains or the bond is around our head our heart and our body and tell for me 23+ years ago when mywas only when my baby was only 22 was only a teeny Danny baby did I give my heart to Jesus and then you gave your heart to. Jesus at the end of December 2013 and we celebrated the new year not by drinking alcohol bye-bye drinking Kool-Aid not by getting hot on drugs we were getting high on Jesus praying in the new year praising him for all that he brought us through every unite for reunite us together for mourning the loss of our sweet baby girl that we lost tragically at a young age but having a peace knowing that the ministry God I called I sent you Hannah's house of grace we prayed over all of our children each and everyone of them by name you had four beautiful children and I had the two and the one we share together that's in heaven I had also had a few miscarriages throughout my marriage that people just don't even know about it was too painful to discuss I know all of these babies are being held and watch over closely as they are being prayed for Bailey I know it hurts your heart not to be here physically for them but I know that their memories will hold them together the stories that laughter 30 years the pain the joy the life lessons the real deal dad that you always were the person I always knew you would over baby if you ever had the opportunity to be a dad I was so proud to see how you interacted with your children as I sat back and watched and observed your interactions with them what amazing kids I know you were truly proud of them and I am so excited to have so many pictures of you drug and alcohol free That I can share with them one day and they're all now and they're ready for now blah ha ha my sweet angel give Marshall Butler directly I bake UGG and shout out for me peace to the east and then is love you always and forever Jenifer and cement sexy little black dresses

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