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Reading testimonies like these are why I am so passionate about Plexus!!
Laura Simmons says~"I have never been a dieter. I’ve never really been too concerned about my weight. All that changed after the birth of Brantley, my second child. I was breastfeeding him when we discovered he had cow’s milk protein allergy. I was essentially forced in to a diet, no dairy and no soy products. It was hard, really, really hard. I started feeling sorry for myself, so I started eating. And eating and eating and eating. I couldn’t eat pizza or yogurt or cheese or ice cream or a lot of other things, but I could eat Oreos and plain potato chips. And that’s what I did. I ate them. I ate them a lot. And I drank Diet Sundrop a lot too. I had this baby, with acid reflux, cow’s milk protein allergy, and colic. He didn’t like to sleep. And I had a 2 year old too. So I didn’t get much sleep either. I was exhausted all the time. Diet Sundrop was all that got me through many days. I’d pop one open right when my feet hit the floor and chug it, then I’d open another one to sip on. And another around lunch time and another around 2 and sometimes another one in the late afternoon. I knew it wasn't healthy for me and it certainly wasn’t healthy for the baby I was nursing either. But how else was I supposed to make it through the day with 2 kids? red and black color prom pieces
I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. But I also thought it was normal. This was how I was supposed to feel right?
Then I saw one of Megan Jones’ posts on Facebook. My first thought was, “Why would she be sharing about weight loss products? She’s never had any weight to lose.” I worked up my courage and sent her a message...”Alright. Tell me more about this Plexus stuff. I’m tired of being tired.” And she messaged me back. And I was scared, because it was something different. I didn’t want to try it. I didn’t want it to work. I didn’t deserve for it to work. So I started coming up with excuses. I’m nursing. Is it safe for nursing mothers? Yep. The triplex and xfactor are safe. I can’t have dairy or soy. Do any of the products have dairy or soy in them? Only P96, all the other products are dairy, soy, and even gluten free. Oh, well, I can’t even have anything that’s been produced or processed with dairy or soy. We have lots of customers using the products who have dairy allergies and they haven’t reported any side effects. Oh...
And Megan messaged me again. I ignored her. And she messaged me again. I ignored her again. I didn’t want to try it. I didn’t want to need help losing weight or feeling better. There’s something wrong with me if I need help. Then she messaged me again. I don’t have the money. Well let me tell you about the business. If you share you could possibly earn a little extra income from Plexus to pay for your products. Okay. Without another thought I did it. I jumped on her website and joined Plexus. March 7, 2015. After I finished joining my heart dropped to my stomach. I wondered what I had just done. I had just wasted my husband’s hard earned money. On what? Myself? I had just made a big mistake.
Then Megan added me to our team pages on Facebook and immediately people started commenting and encouraging me. They even encouraged me enough that I started sharing about Plexus that very night. The exact same night I joined Plexus I started sharing.
That night. That one decision. That one click. Changed my life. Forever. I have more energy than I ever remember having. I am a better mom now. I can keep up with my 2 little ones all day and not feel like I need a nap when they have one. I am a better wife. I am able to stay up and spend time with my husband after our little ones go to bed. I am sleeping better at night. I’ve always tossed and turned and taken forever to fall asleep. Not anymore. I wake rested and refreshed after only a 5-7 hours. Amazing.
I haven’t had any issues with seasonal allergies since March. All through pollen season, no runny nose, no sinus headache, nothing. My PMS symptoms are minimal. My moods are more stabilized. My sugar cravings are less. My caffeine addiction is broken. My joint pain is gone.
When I look at the picture on the left, it makes me sad. Sad I let myself get that way. Sad I felt sorry for myself. Sad for my kids. Sad for my husband. Just sad.
But when I look at the picture on the right, I am proud. I am proud of where I came from and where I am going. I am proud that I can help others feel better than they felt yesterday. I am proud that I took a chance on myself. I am proud to say that I use Plexus products.
So far I’ve lost 15 pounds and 20 inches. I started with the triplex for 3 months then added XFactor. I added Accelerator after about 3.5 months.