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The Diseases of the Circulatory System ????

Because of the circulatory system's important functions in your body, any injury to the blood or the network of blood vessels through which it flows, can have serious consequences . The health conditions that can affect our circulatory system can be categorized collectuvely into diseases of the blood, the blood vessels and the heart. Just like in other systems, when one fails to do its function, the whole system will be affected mormon items to wear of the prom situation ... as well. For instance, if the heart fails to pump blood, there will be insufficient supply of oxygen, furthermore certain functions tissues and organs won't take place, for they lack oxygen which provides energy to them.
Disorders associated with cardiovascular system are attributed to genetic defects, structural malfunctions, and lifestyle choices.
Disorders of the blood vessels are as follows: Atherosclerosis and Stroke. Hemophilia, Anemia and Leukemia are disorders of the blood while Coronoary, Hypertensive and Rheumatic Heart Diseases are diseases of our pumping organ, the heart.

- Aronne Joy Madrangca, 9-Dalton

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