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Yesterday I fasted all day and spent most of the day in meditation and with my Jedi Council.

I also did an extremely powerful forgiveness ceremony where I purged an enormous amount of pain.

Much of it was from the past year of my life which has pressed the remaining coal and deadwood around my heart into a diamond.

Some of it was from decades ago.

For example, I felt a release in my right forearm that felt incredibly painful as it was going out.

The memory attached to it was from Freshman year of high school in Art class when this Junior punched my forearm as hard as he could and a big lump swelled up.

I didn't have the space to show weakness or grief then in front of my fellow classmates, so I bottled it up until it was safe.

21 YEARS LATER that pain resurfaced because I was willing to feel it.

Are you getting this?

This is a huge deal if this is news to you.


There's a reason why I'm 36 years old and my body looks like a college rugby player.


So there is no emotional fat suit protecting me.

I lost 8 pounds yesterday!

Yeah, I fasted but I also cried for hours as that's what my body was calling me to do yesterday.

In addition, I got download after download after download on my journey that shifted a lot for me, thereby leaving me open to allow more love, pleasure, money, and fun into my life.

For example, here's a big shift that I had that may serve you if you grew up very religious.


Here it is...

God Doesn't Want To Kill You.

I repeat...

God. Does. Not. Want. To. Kill. You.

I've been suicidal a lot in life.

I'm so chill about talking about it now it's like talking about green juice recipes.

Yes. There have been numerous times where I wanted to end my life for some reason.

It was very prominent from the ages of 19-21 when I was breaking free from the Jehovah's Witnesses religious cult and losing my entire support system including my family and all of my friends.

And more recently it starting showing up again in the past several years as I've been undergoing an extremely rapid spiritual awakening.

Yesterday in my forgiveness ceremony I found a root cause of that desire to end my life.

It was the internalized Jehovah God that I was programmed to believe would kill off all of the "wicked people" on the Earth at Armageddon. Which was essentially everyone except for the people in our religion.

Which was quite a trip for a young boy in school believing that God was going to kill everyone in his class at any moment.

So as I felt that part of my psyche fully, I fully let go of the model of God that was programmed into me from infancy.

I proclaimed out loud as my body was shaking and writhing with fear, with energy shooting out of my hands and feet...

I let go of you Jehovah God!
I let go of you Jehovah's Witnesses!

I felt a great deal of energy moving from my liver and below my right scapula and out of my right hand.

Afterwards I went outside and I felt completely reborn.

So what does this mean for you?

If you grew up in a religion with a vindictive, judgmental, destructive God who believes in right and wrong, then that God still lives in you.

If you grew up in a religion where God might send you to Hell if you don't do everything he says, that God lives in you.

If your model of God is anything other than unbound, limitless light and love, than you're walking through life with a lead helmet strapped on to your head with matching blinders that were installed without your permission.


Yeah, it's scary, but in the year 2017 still thinking that God is going to destroy you at Armageddon or send you to Hell is so last century.

Get with the times and surrender to the truth.
And the time is always now so you can start immediately.

Yesterday I also let go of the next layer of a number of charges with loved ones in my life including my beloved, my parents, and my closest friends.

I've talked to some of my loved ones since the ceremony and the energy between us is way more open and nourishing.

This is how life works my friend.

You have to feel it to heal it.

If you need support with this process, let me know.

In fact, if you need support with any process, let me know.

Money, sex, friendship, health, it's all just a by product of living your truth.

Life is easy.

Beyond easy.

When you stop forcing it.


PS - God Loves You. That has always been, always is, and will always be true. If you don't feel the presence of God in your life, then that's your journey to embark my friend. Start now, start later, or find out when you die. modern chic items to wear to a evening party