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I prayed to the Lord last night, as I was going to bed, that the devil would stop interfering with His messages to me, and to block him. I then asked Him to please show me whatever He wanted to show me, and that I would tell all about it in the morning. This is what He showed me, in answer to my prayer.

Had another dream. This one is DEFINITELY a message for the bride of Christ. Ok, here it goes: I arrive at church, in a car, with my mom. We get out, and I am dressed like a beautiful bride! I am young and thin, and my hair is black (just like it was when I married my husband). I am absolutely flawless! It is my wedding day! So far, we are the only ones there, the parking lot is empty. We head in, and she sits down on the bench. I suddenly realize that I have forgotten my make up, and I don't want the show to go on, until I am completely ready. I ask my mom if she can call someone from our family to bring it, but she says no, and I ask her why. She shrugs and says, "I don't have a phone." I ask her why- I am being very polite and nice- but then, somehow, we start arguing. Somehow, the argument quickly escalates, and she brings up my illness, and my shortcomings related to it. I become very aggravated, and tell her not to bring that up, but she won't let it go; so I become very angry, and I grab her by the ankles, and drag her down the hallway. (I don't know why I didn't just throw her out of the front doors...) The whole time, she continues to argue with me, and is becoming even angrier, and I'm rebuking her all the while, but I can't remember what she, or I, are saying. I drag her down a flight of stairs, open the side doors, and drag her out. I then drop her, quickly head back in, and lock the doors. I notice that the locks are weak and flimsy, though, and I keep turning them. When I believe that the doors are locked, I turn around, and start heading back up the stairs. But as soon as I start to climb, I look back, and she has opened up the doors, and is coming back in! She is enraged. I start to run, but I can't run very fast, because of my large, long skirt. She almost catches me several times, and when I finally make it up the stairs, and start running back down the hallway, she reaches out again, to grab me. I whirl around and deck her in the face, and then, I woke up.

I believe that I do already understand what this dream means. I do need some help, though, with some of the finer points. If the Holy Spirit lays anything contrary to what I am saying, please, let me know. If the Holy Spirit confirms what I say to you, please, let me know that, too. Folks, I believe that our "wedding day" has arrived. I don't mean that it's today, but I do believe that it is at the very door. I believe that my mom represents the enemy, but she is a wolf in sheep's clothing. When I questioned the Lord about this, pointing out that my mom has been in many of my dreams, He said, "You said it yourself: Your mom is the one that helped lead you to salvation. And you know that the enemy can come disguised as an angel of light. What better way for the enemy to cleverly deceive you, than to come disguised as the person that you trust the most?" Ouch. I thought, man, what a low blow. He said, "Yes, well, that's one of his specialties." This explains why, that in so many of my dreams, I seem at odds with my mother, and we have bad feelings towards each other. It never made any sense to me, because I am NOT at odds with my mother! I never once thought that she might be the enemy, disguised as someone good. But, it makes perfect sense. Now, once I realized this, my initial thought regarding what happened in the dream, was that the bride is dragging the enemy along, trying to chastise him. And throwing him out of one aspect of your life- the side doors- won't help, because he can still get back in, easily. We should be throwing him out the "front doors"; we need to cast him out of our very lives! Period. Now, I am questioning on whether or not my mom simply means, false doctrine/teachings, and this may very well be the case. This is where I need some help, figuring out the finer points of this dream. But, I believe that I have the general gist of it. I'm not sure what the make up that I wanted, represents. I felt incomplete without it, and did not want to present myself without it on, even though I already looked so beautiful. But, I felt that I was not perfect, without it. I'm still trying to figure that part out. Please, let me know what the Holy Spirit lays on your heart, if so. Shalom, and God bless. low back wedding dresses

p.s. I plead the blood of Christ over this message! I come against any and all attacks of the enemy, in Jesus's name!