grandmother of the groom dresses

I was once asked how a trans woman could be gender critical. While most are not, some are legitimate allies of women. How? Like this...

All of us try to get along in this world the best we can. I abhor marriage as a patriarchal shackle of women. Yet, I have been married for 23 years. It was a matter of survival and socialization that I married when I got pregnant at the age of 20. In the same way, a trans woman can admit to being different from natal females. A trans woman c ... an admit that many of the theories pushed by the trans lobby are not only a bit nuts, but also harmful to women. A trans woman can admit and allow safe, separate space for natal females that doesn't include trans women, because we have unique concerns. And, yet, still adopt the trans identity as a matter of survival.

*This* is what makes a trans woman an ally of women, rather than just an MRA in a dress. No cotton ceilings. No demands that our entire liberation movement focus on people socialized as male, people sporting dicks. No lady brain claims. No refusal to acknowledge the reality of being born with female biology. No insistence that we recognize the penis as a female organ, and have lesbians get to sucking cock. grandmother of the groom dresses

If you get this, you can be both trans and an ally of women. If you don't, you are just another dude refusing to acknowledge what it really means to be born with female reproductive systems and all the social baggage that comes with.

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