floral print bridesmaid dresses

Minimalist Bridesmaid Dresses For Sale 850 only

? All Custom Made
? Available in All Sizes ( S-M-L-XL)
? Available in All Colors -Fabrics Are all direct from warehouse just send us ur desired color and we will find it for you)-see warehouse photo ( we offer real time selection PM us for details) floral print bridesmaid dresses
? Floral Prints-we offer real time selection while we are in the warehouse ( PM us for Details)
? Metallic Colors are subject for Availability
? High Quality Fabric

We require deposit to process your order:
500 for 6 pcs below
1000 for 6pcs and Up
1500 for 12pcs up

For Calligraphy Needs Inquire
@ Calligraphy by Em ?