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. Ill give you a little motherly advice
#1 stop buying plastic toys that break or have a million pieces . They just end up in a landfill somewhere. Besides that you want your child to go outside and play. To use their imagination and create a toy from the things around him when my son was little some of the first toys he created was a bow and arrow out of sticks and a shoelace. I don't how at the age of three he knew how but he did..
#2 only give them non breakable cups with lids -doesn't matter how old they are.Spills will happen. My son spilt every drink I ever gave him till he was ten. Put a lid on their drinks.
#3 only feed them in the kitchen. Get them a little table n chairs of their own just their size. Make this the designated area for eating. Food stays in that area.
#4 only feed them whats on YOUR menu. Don't give them the Option of turnning your kitchen into a resturaunt! If they don't like what your feeding them then they can eat tomarrow. Or go to bed so you dont have to listen ti them cry. But if they are crying just because they cant turn their mommy into a waitress then I'd say a little good ol fashioned punishment is in order. Give them something to cry about.
They eat WHEN the family eats WHAT is being offered. or they don't eat at all.
#5 No snacks in the A.m or P.m besides Cereal. In a bowl or cup. Do not let them eat you out of house and home....Do not let them go through your kitchen when ever they want to.. No.This is not a free for all. Your on a budget. This way you wont run out of lunch stuff or commodities before the end month. School snacks are for lunch. You are not rich and they arnt starving. If they want a snack let them have cereal.

#7 DISCIPLINE is LOVE! You love your babies not only with love them in punishment too.
As a parent it is up to you to get them ready for the world as they grow each year up until their 18th birthdat. This is when legally they are not your responsibility any longer. Until then you must do what is Best for them...Not teaching them common courtesy, politeness,or about limits and rules , boundries and regulations. Not teaching them these fundamental basics NOW sets them up for a difficult life later. With bigger consequences..harsher lessons of life.
So if you run a house hold WITH OUT DISCIPLINE With out boundries..with out rules..with out consequences. You better start.
If you are raising your cild..with out teaching them
Patients, Self- control, Consideration for others, Keep their hands to themselves, Respect for elders and Adults (this means watching that tone of voice they speak to you and other adults)....IF YOUR NOT TEACHING THEM THESE BASIC FUNDAMENTAL RULES AND VALUES.... you better start. Help your children become socially acceptable. If you notice them as being socially awkward ITS TIME PUT THEM ON A TEAM. ANY TEAM. They need to learn to be a team player to make it this world. They will learn everything they need to survive life on a team. custom bridesmaid wears by handmade
It is your responsibility as a parent to create a descent human adult who has a consciousness. Raise a human who has empathy, humanity, and sensibility. Create someone who cares about the environment and the people in it. Because if you don't
WE the PEOPLE will be left to deal with YOUR little menace to society.