classic styled items to wear of the wedding


Do y’all want a great price on a NEW piece directly from the warehouse!? Do you want to MODEL that style for the group to see!? Well HERES YOUR CHANCE!!!

The style of the week is MADISON!!!! Now with the tank tops out, I think Madison is going to be my FAVORITE for the summer! Y’all have no idea how many Madison’s I have but don’t wear bc I was awaiting a tank top! Woot woot! Madison is a pleated skirt with POCKETS!!! Picture the bottom half of an Amelia with a stretchy waist band. The Madison is great at hiding mom tum and perfect for any occasion. Rock it at work with a nice top. Wear it to the grocery store or a BBQ with a tank tucked in or knotted over. Wear it with classic and a lace joy and dance the night away at a wedding. Wear it with a tank and a Sarah on a chilly summer date night. There are so many things you can do with Madison. And she is just SO FLATTERING! Madison’s fit true to size and are usually worn at the waist. A Madison is REALLY good at accentuating your natural waist line. And....POCKETS! Come on! Need I say more? classic styled items to wear of the wedding

All you have to do is comment MINE AND YOUR SIZE MADISON (mine M Madison) to score your SPECIAL PRICED Madison!!

You will then get an invoice with the SPECIAL PRICING applied. I will be ordering these directly from the warehouse! Once I get them in, they will go out to y’all! Once you receive it, please take a picture of you rocking your Madison and title it “MADISON AMBASSADOR - (your size Madison)” so other fabulous VIPs can see the Madison on different shapes and sizes. No selfies either! We’re going to need a full body picture. I am giving y’all a special price as a thank you for being our model and showing us how you style your Madison!

All sales final - no returns/exchanges/refunds on mystery items.
No lulacash/credits/discounts on already special priced items.