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LEAD POISONING IN CHILDREN SHOES MADE IN CHINA ... HAVE A THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR PLATES AND MUGS YOU EAT AND DRINK FROM ARE MADE OF ....Yes you, your kids and your animals can get Lead poisoning from wearing or being in contact with certain products...WALMART deals with China...for all or at least MOST of their products so please be aware that these are usually loaded with heavy metals!
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Kelly Pruitt
20 July at 12:38
A few weeks ago, I bought a pair like these, "jelly" shoes for my granddaughter, McKinley. She has only worn them twice. The second time being on Tuesday when I took her to the Dr. The nurse came in and said I'll need to stick her toe for some blood. So she stuck her big toe on her left foot and left the room. I continued to play with McKinley, (who just turned 10 months yesterday) to keep her occupied. The nurse came back in and She said I need to check her again, her lead levels are really high. (Above 60)....(normal is below 3.3) she said by the way is she wearing Jelly shoes from Wal-Mart? I looked at the nurse a second, thinking that's a weird question. Then I said yes, why? She said Google it. There are reports that Wal-Mart jelly shoes contain lead. So we washed her right foot off and they rechecked was at a 6, so the nurse said just by washing it it dropped that much but lets do her finger to make sure it's normal, and it was below 3. There were several children over the last few months wearing Jelly shoes from Wal-Mart that had the same results. So I threw the shoes in the trash at the Drs. Office. Then we went to Wal-Mart to see if the shoes are still in the store. They were still there, so we talked to an employee in the shoe dept. I told him the story and he said ok I'll tell a manager. So we left, I thought I'll call Wal-Mart and speak to a manager myself just in case the employee forgets about it. I called and asked for a manager, Blake answered the call. I told him the whole story and he said I'll check into it. I went back to Wal-Mart today and the shoes are still there. So if you have these shoes throw them away or start to buy these shoes, DON'T!! bridesmaid dressed up to look sexy