black party dresses

God is love. To claim to love God and be a Christian yet hate tha skin of a man you are a liar. You hate your brother yet try to speak love for God. What's goin on out there is sick and pathetic. We have racists of all sorts of color and backgrounds. So I'm not posting to defend ANY side. Wats sad and sick is to see a little boy about 3 years old walking around wit a KKK suit as if he just playin innocent dress up. It shows that racism is a learned behavior. You ARE NOT born that way! God didn't speak life into you wit tha purpose of hating another man's color whether white, black, brown etc. And those on media outlets creating tha divide pushing for division to help your agenda, you are FOOLS! You are sick and making tha problem in our nation worse by tha day. Don't jump on my post to start an argument bc I ain't doin it. Like I said this is for all parties not ANY in particular. We look like idiots out here, America! People in other countries dying and gettin their heads cut off shaking their head at us all bc we have a problem wit Race. We look pathetic! And if you want to stop racism you might wanna look in tha mirror and tell yourself tighten up. Bc it begins in our households. Stop pointing tha finger and start building bridges rather than tear them down. Make a difference. I'm thru talkin! black party dresses