black gothic garment for evening party

My next step in using oils to reduce chemicals in my house is through the use of wool dryer balls. DoTerra sells them sometimes, but they don't have them right now and I am impatient, so I ordered some through

The Paleo Mama blog has a great article on why to use them, how to use them, how to make your own, and how to use oils with them.

I've also ordered a set for my mother for Mother's Day, along with doTerra's intro kit. She can use those oils to help with her allergies, as well as with the dryer balls, so they're a great first step for her. black gothic garment for evening party

Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils - The Paleo Mama Learn how to use Wool Dryer Balls with essential oils in your laundry! They will help you save time, money, energy, and reduce the toxins in your laundry!