beige or ivory color wears for bridesmaid

John Christopher, Better known as Jacob or Mommys monkey ???? , i miss you so much it physically hurts! Some days are better then others and the other days are unbearable!
What your not blood related Mamaw Vicky Connolly done and is doing is wrong ( i know Mr.Connolly knows it, but lord knows he cant speak unless vicky tells him to) WRONG! The way she is raising you Is WRONG!
Son you taught me what it was like to love and i mean LOVE unconditionally, Love to where i knew i would give my own life for you! From your 1st breath it was no longer about Karla Renee Parrish , your first breath started my life!
You have brothers and sister's and a 2nd father figure that miss you and love you!!!
I always told that satan filled woman if anyone ever tried to take you again, i wouldn't stand for it!
Well thats my promise to you! I know there will be some new things for you to relearn( that I your mother taught you), but in time you will be back to my smiling joking loving young man!

Now to friends, family, anyone, and of course the hating envy green people that think they know the circumstances
This is what i need, comments, bad,good, or your feelings on this case, why you ask, 1st unfair case the DA of lauderdale County is vickys brother in law, John's brother, case should not have been in Laud Co, as when my daughter was sexually assaulted a year and a half after Jacobs case, the Da said he could not be apart of the case,( as well as no Laud Co detectives, Laud DHR, as qell as NO LAUDERDALE COUNTY JUDGE) (Does anyone see anything wrong with that picture?) conflict of interest, 2nd Vicky and John are my adopted parents, they were not investigated @ all, the judge in the seat @ the time went completely under their lies, ( which who wouldn't with the DA being their fam) i was removed from their home
By DHR in 1996 due to horrendous abuse not to mention malnourished!( the records are there, no lies, as well as witnesses, but they would never stand up to Mrs. Connolly(she will make your life a nightmare)
Why was Jacob there, you ask, there were a few reasons and on that very day in June i thought i was doing what was best for my son right then (not forever)as well as 3 surgeries from January( when i got the papers to mid may less then 2 weeks before court) as well as me thinking i was doing right at that moment by not putting Jacob thru the court stuff( i was wrong, should have kept preceding) 3rd and most importantly, my husband and i have 3 other children that live in our home full-time(supposedly vicky and johns grandchildren)
No where and i mean no where was they wanting custody of the other three small children, but we were portrayed to be bad parents,right? @ The time Jacob was 7, D 5yrs old, Mikayla 2 and Ali a newborn!
Btw, they tried using that whole drug using card, i paid for my tests and passed, but my husband was never asked to give one, nor was vicky john, or anyone else that was going to be around my son( you know like the schizophrenic that they leave with him)( or the common law daughter in law that has had 2 child endangerment charges)
So anyone chime in on mine and Michael Parrish parenting skills. If you dont know us from a hill of beans give us some advice. This has gone on for as long as this mommy can take it. I want all 5 kids back together again(since court they have 0 to do with the other children)
Thanks in adavanced!
This is set as public, but u can still screen shot away! I want them to know the way they did and continue to do is wrong, i might have backed down in June, but im just now simmering up and im not gonna stop until Jacob is home if it kills me!!!!
I know your asking where Jacobs father is, well he signed his rights as soon as a pen could hit the paper, although he is the one in March of 2010 that backed out of his own custody case for Jacob b/c he said he couldn't raise Jacob his self, that i was a great Mother and he knew without a doubt i would raise Jacob properly, so i was awarded full custody then. Even though Chris signed those papers the same as i did well after he did, he is aloud to take him 3000 miles away, stay in my supposedly adopted parents house for weeks at a time to visit with our son and take him anywhere he pleases!( maybe they paid Chris or he is the coward with his tail tucked between his legs, no one will ever know the truth on that one!) beige or ivory color wears for bridesmaid
I just wont my child back while theres still hope for all the brainwashing to be washed away! So he can grow up with his sibilings in a loving nurturing home!
Brittany Danielle
Ashley N Chris Bradford
Catherine Shook

After spending the day yesterday getting Mikayla's cheer stuff and D's football stuff with the help of My husband and my bonus Haegan, it threw a punch to my heart, our family isn't complete and will not be until Justice is served and Jacob is back with all us!

Please don't be scared to comment! And if this gets to a lawyer please chime in any advice!!

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