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How to remove stains from clothes

How to get out blood vomit and poop:
The best way to get blood vomit or poop out of clothes is to run the piece of clothing under cold water. you don't want to do hot water because it will sit in the stain. For really stubborn stains, rub some dish soap into the stain until you have a lather you can let it soak for a while then wash it in hot water. If they still don't come out add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a half a cup of baking s DressAfford wedding outfits made of silk ... oda to the washing machine.

Grass stains:
A secret to grass stains is using hydrogen peroxide mixed with water and scrub a dub.

Take the clothing off immediately run under cold water maybe a little bit of dish soap and scrub it.

Use an ice cube on the gum until it becomes hard and it just breaks off.

Pre-soak food stains then stain remover to try to get them out. With tomato sauce treat with white vinegar and wash immediately in cold water.

Here are some more stain remover tips
-Paint use alcohol and a toothbrush
-Grass use vinegar
-White wine for red wine
- blood- hydrogen peroxide
-Oil-white chalk
-Coffee- baking soda
-Deodorant- denim
-Sweat- lemon juice
-Lipstick- baby wipes
- Ink- milk
-Make up- shaving cream

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