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One need not look far to see that the church’s acceptance of the 501c3, and its significant restrictions, has had devastating consequences to not only the church, but to the entire nation.

The church in America today is, by and large, not speaking to the vital issues of the day. The church has been effectively silenced. The inevitable result is a moral downward spiral in the culture as the church stands mute.

This did not happen by accident, but by design. The front man was Senator Lyndon Johnson from Texas, with the New World Order/Zionist Jewish/Illuminati crowd operating from behind the scenes. After this same group assassinated President John F. Kennedy, with Johnson’s involvement and complicity, LBJ was rewarded with the Presidency.

One interesting note: Kennedy was assassinated NOT by one single bullet, but by FIVE shots – two of which hit him – one in his throat and the other blasted off most of the side of his head. And the shots were fired from the FRONT, NOT from the back. One shooter was stationed on the Overpass in front of the car and One shooter was stationed in a hole (covered by a man-hole cover which was elevated enough to position a rifle barrel) on the “grassy knoll.” This hole led to an underground tunnel system that originated in the Dallas Police Department. DressAfford short length mother of the bride or groom collections

This underground tunnel system was built by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) during the Depression. It is no coincidence that the Director of that specific CCC project, was none other than Lyndon Baines Johnson!

How the IRS Controls Christian Churches

Texe Marrs of Power of Prophecy, an author and radio broadcaster, has been the focus of an extended IRS investigation because of his conservative Christian views. He has learned the IRS rules, first-hand, the hard way. They are listed on his website at www.texemarrs.com

According to the IRS, 501c3 Christian churches, ministries, and organizations may NOT do the following:

1. Expose conspiracies.

2. Criticize the New World Order

3. Say or publish anything negative about ANY politician, Republican or Democrat.

4. Criticize government agencies and bureaus – the IRS, FBI, BATF, CIA, EPA, DEA, OSHA, DOJ, etc.

5. Criticize an institution of government such as the White House, the Congress, the Federal Reserve Board (even though this is a PRIVATE corporation) or the Supreme Court.

6. Encourage citizens to call or write their congressman, senator, governor, mayor, or other public official.

7. Criticize any proposed or pending bill or legislation that would take away the rights and freedoms of the people.

8. Make disparaging remarks about, or criticize, any other faith group, cult, or religion.

9. Expose or criticize the New Age Movement.

10. Support or encourage a law-abiding citizen’s militia (even though this is constitutional).

11. Support or encourage the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

12. Discourage young women from getting an abortion, or endorse the pro-life movement.

13. Teach that abortion, especially partial birth abortion, is murder and is the killing of innocent babies.

14. Identify homosexuality as a sin and an abomination to God.

15. Express an opinion on any subject or issue.

16. Appeal to peoples’ emotions by employing an evangelization method (such as “fire and brimstone” preaching) not considered a “reasoned approach” by the IRS.

17. Discuss or identify threats to Christianity.

18. Discuss subjects or topics the IRS deems “sensationalist.”

19. Criticize well-known public figures or institutions the IRS deems “worthy,” such as the super-rich elite, international bankers, the Hollywood movie industry, etc.

20. Publish or broadcast information on any topic without giving credence to the opposing viewpoints of Christ’s enemies.

21. Publish and offer books, tapes, or products that expose the elitist plot against humanity and God.

22. Criticize the Pope or the Vatican, or contrast the New Catholic Catechism with the truths found in the Holy Bible. (Note: only liberal churches are permitted by the IRS to criticize the Catholic Church).

23. Criticize the United Nations or such globalist groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission.

24. Criticize the Masonic Lodge, the Order of Skull & Bones, or other Secret societies.

25. Highlight or otherwise bring attention to immorality of public officials or corruption in government.

26. Complain of government wrongdoing or injustice, such as happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and elsewhere.

27. Criticize the Jewish ADL or other Jewish lobby groups.

28. Say anything positive about the “religious right” or the “patriot movement.”

29. Support home schooling, home churches, or unregistered churches.

30. Spend money on missionary projects or charitable causes not approved by the IRS.

31. Promote or encourage alternative healthcare (herbs, vitamins, etc.).

32. Expose false teachings of any kind by anyone.

33. Support or encourage persecuted Christians suffering under anti-Christian regimes in Red China, Cuba, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and elsewhere.

34. Ordain a pastor whose training or qualifications are not approved by the IRS.

35. Advocate or teach any Bible doctrine that is politically or religiously incorrect, or is inconsistent with any “public policy” (abortion, feminism, gay rights, etc.) currently being enforced by the IRS.

Additional requirements for 501c3 churches are found in the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Publication 1826 (9-94) Cat. no. 21096G, churches must:

36. Have a recognized creed and “IRS approved form of worship.”

37. Have “IRS approved code of doctrine and discipline”.

38. Have ordained ministers educated in “state accredited colleges.”

39. Pastor must answer to the IRS as to “daily activities of the church.”

40. The IRS must be privy to “all financial transactions” of the church.

41. Pastor must supply “names of all donors” – make books, records available.

42. Be neutral on political issues.

43. Be engaged in activities furthering exclusively public purposes.

44. Open its services to the public.

45. Submit names of all church workers; pastors, teachers, clerks, counselors, educational directors, office help, associates, and maintenance personnel.

46. Not publicly oppose licensing of church ministries.

47. Give unlimited submission to civil magistrates pertaining to all laws – federal, state, and local – including public policy.

48. May only use “IRS approved” fundraising methods.

49. Pastor will be “called to account over any stand taken against the tax system.”

50. Church “must advocate and support racial integration.” (Multiculturalism)

51. May NOT engage in activities “opposing pornography.”

52. May NOT support legislation saying “children belong to parents” rather than “the state.”

53. May NOT form a Political Action Committee nor support legislation “opposing lotteries and gambling activity.”

54. May not “oppose the public school system.”

55. May “not publicly declare” we are to “obey God rather than the government.”

56. May Not advocate support of the United States or state constitutions as the supreme law of the land. (Public policy takes precedence.)

The “Christian” Church has been gutted. It has had its “heart” and all of its inward parts removed just as completely as a slaughter-house animal on its way to being dismembered for market. The “Church” can SAY nothing and DO nothing.

Who is the Head of the Christian Church?

The Church has always maintained that “Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church.” But if this is true, can the Church enter into any form of contract with the civil authority that submits the Church to the authority of the State? If it does so, the state has every right to govern the actions, contracts, and practices of that corporation.

But it should be obvious that the church has no right to enter into a contractual relationship with the state. To enter into a relationship that requires the church to be subject to the state is a compromise to the declaration that Christ is the sole head and authority of the church.

What are the results when a church incorporates and surrenders itself to the jurisdiction of the state?

1) The Church is no longer considered a real institution, but it goes through a transformation and becomes a fictitious (state created) person or institution.
|2) The Church comes under the jurisdiction of the state and therefore surrenders its headship to the state.
3) The Church’s chief officers become official representatives of the state by virtue of their corporate charter.
4) The Church must open its books and all practices to the investigation of the state. This would include:

a. Church membership roles;
b. Christian school record;
c. Regulations on all functions of the church and any of its ministries;
d. Church financial records, including all tithing records (names, addresses and amounts);
e. Ministers and churches in courts of law are considered wards of the state by virtue of their charter, including all church members (adults and children). The Transformation of the Church (From Reality to Fiction) by Kenneth Talbot, Ph.D.

What is the Answer?

Many believe that all organized churches should renounce their 501c3 status and become “free-churches” – churches that remain “organized” but operate independent of, and in no way subordinate to, the civil government.

But there is a BETTER way – the way of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ NEVER wanted or endorsed an Organized Church of ANY kind. Christianity is a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ – nothing more and nothing less!

Jesus came to show us how to live, to show us how to have a Personal Relationship with God. Christianity is a relationship between a Father and His son or His daughter. There is nothing wrong with Christian friends meeting in homes or along the river bank, as was done in the time of the apostles, to worship the Lord, but buildings and organizations were never to be a part of the worship of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ lives in US – not in buildings. “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.” 1 Cor 6:19 Buildings were built by the pagans – NOT Christians - to honor their many gods. The Pantheon in Rome is a perfect example.

Buildings to honor their gods is a totally pagan institution. Jesus wanted none of that. But that idea was so ingrained in the culture of the time, and had already been endorsed by the murderers of Christ – the Pharisees and the Sadducees and their followers – that the synagogue system was melded with paganism to produce Church buildings and Cathedrals – with a hierarchical structure in which the “leaders” told the followers what to believe and how to relate to God.

The Bible tells us, “One is your Teacher, the Christ.” Matt. 23:8 He is all we need. But ever since the episode at Sinai when the Israelites refused to allow God to run their lives directly, man has preferred to be led by “man” rather than by God.

So, within a hundred years after Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, Organized Churches, buildings and the hierarchical structure of Priests, Pastors, or Rabbis were set up, and the whole “Christian” world got on board.

The evil empire composed of the Jewish Zionist/ Illuminati/One World Government now has the means to control ALL the “Christian” churches, their doctrines and their practices, and use them for their own diabolic purposes.

Churches are a pagan institution.

God NEVER wanted an “Organized Church” with buildings and a hierarchical structure.

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