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Meatloaf recorded a song that was written by Jim Steinman, It's All Coming Back To Me Now. I thought of this song Friday afternoon and wondered if Jim ever ran a hay baler. The camp director left me on the hillside baleing the hay he had just raked. His plan was to go rake another field that he planned to bale with his round baler later. I was getting a little to comfortable feeling the rhythmic rocking of the baler plunger pushing the hay into the chamber. The pickup head was gathering the hay off the ground and the teeth were adding to the chorus as they screeched along the pickup head. When there was enough hay pressed to make a bale a click was heard folllowed by the sound of the knotters going through their timed cycle. But suddenly there was a click, followed by a bang, and then a sreeching sound as the dust was pouring out of the flywheel. Shutting down the power to the baler I knew that a shear pin would need replacing. First thing was to clean the hay out from in front of the knife on the plunger, next was to locate tools and a new shear pin. Then line up the flywheel by turning it back by hand, then lining the hole in the slip clutch and fly wheel. Replace the sheared pin with a new one and we were good to go. Electric switch controls the power shaft that runs the baler so one has to switch it on and off to get the baler operating slowly at first. Bad things happen to equipment when full power is applied to newly repaired problems. The plunger is pushed foward, the flywheel weight carries the momentum, and the slip clutch squeals just before another bang, more dust, and another shear pin is destroyed. A quick inspection reveals that the baler was just starting to engage the knotters and the needle cradle had been released from it's locked position. Once the needles are released a safty catch swings into the chamber and prevents the plunger from destroying the needles. By now the summmer camp director has returned, I have replaced the shear pin, the knotter has been reset, needle cradle has been locked back into position, and the safety latch is out of the chamber. Yes, indeed, it is all coming back to me now!!! DressAfford navy blue formal and prom selections