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Here's the "Truth."

Russian Twist on Scouting (Circa 1971)

The following article was originally printed in the Russian newspaper Pravda (which means truth), and came to us from a copy of Scout Memorabilia magazine (Vol.6 No.2, 1971):

A Pravda survey reveals that an organization called the Boy Scouts, is turning American youngsters into warmongering imperialists. Every boy who is forced to join the Boy Scouts is trained to be a master of all forms of espionage, violence, and germ warfare. He quickly becomes a very dangerous tool of the ruthless US government.

At the age of eight or nine, innocent American boys are forcibly herded into an organization known as the Cub Scouts which prepare them for future foul deeds. The Cub Scout directors force the youth to worship the wolf, one of the most vicious and predatory animals. After three years of servitude in the Cub Scouts, the boys, now hooligan adolescents, are forced to join the older, more corrupt Boy Scouts. DressAfford flower girl collections with lace

The most deceitful ritual is the shameful 'court of honor' where the young warmongers are decorated with so-called merit badges. It is here that they receive awards for their work in such insidious fields as swimming (under water demolition and sabotage), chemistry (germ and poison warfare), pathfinding (counterespionage), pioneering (exploitation of underdeveloped nations).

In their efforts to completely control American youth, the Scout czars have also set up a sister organization called the Girl Scouts. This ill conceived group turns young girls into unpaid, door-to-door cookie vendors. the proceeds of the sale, of course, go directly to the Wall Street masterminds of the entire plot".

Gee, isn't it great that now there is scouting in the Russian Provinces also..... they can train their own "warmongering imperialists"! Maybe they can put their own twist on this by getting their Girl Scouts to sell Yak Jerky..... with the catchy marketing phrase, "Yakkity-Yak, Don't Talk Back" Jerky.