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This is a lovely tribute to a deeply troubled person who started life as a sweet little boy who lost his mother to murder and his innocence and trust to a vicious abuser. I could never think of Dale as a dangerous person. Quite the contrary, he was the kind of person you instinctively wanted to protect from any more harm. But that wasn't what he got. And that's the shame of it.

It was Dale Reinhardt that convinced me to move to Bowen Island.

I was standing on the ferry deck with Mary, my partner Charlie's childhood best pal and a realtor. We were going to meet Gail Taylor, (Michelle's mom) to view some houses for sale. It was a warm sunny day. I noticed a guy all dressed in black, including a heavy jacket, sitting on the chipped red fence railing on the government dock. He had a can of Black Label beer in his hand and black baseball hat that said "Fuck off, eh". Dress Affordable two piece prom dresses

I turned to Mary and said "I think I'm going to like it here".