1930s wedding dresses

Okay, big photoshoot on the horizon, and a very unique one at that. This is a request for props. First of, who is willing to volunteer they're time, to do some make-up work? The model is going to need a very 1930s-40s type look, eyebrows, lips and all. We're also looking for a Jean Harlow type hair style - if possible. If not, We'll be going with a Betty Page look. Second, look at the pic of the dress in the comments section? Anyone have one like that we can borrow? The model 1930s wedding dresses ... is 5ft, and a size 2. Lastly, we need a mobile fan, or a leaf blower. We'll be using that to stir up some movement during the shoot. So, anyone with some time, or resources regarding these things, reach out to me on here, inbox, what you a have to say. Just be serious and not on any flaky, ify, B.S. We'd like to get everything for this shoot A.S.A.P., so we can kick it off by next October.Thanks.

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